c1s: 大


This page is part of a shape-based index system that is designed to simplify the process of looking up Chinese characters.

Characters included on this page all have a cangjie input code that begins with the shape 大 or equivalently the j.

Characters on this page are subdivided into the following groups shape based derivatives:
大, 太, 尞, 夷, 夹, 𠂇, 有, 灰, 厷, 尢, 帶, 存, 九, 力, 东, 乂, 犭, 疒

All of the above derivatives are based on the 大/j input code.

This particular index, the C1S index includes 24 pages, each associated with a particular initial element.

Alternative shape-based lookup indexes include:

  • The s1 index which includes characters sorted by their initial shape element. There are 12 Shapes, each with up to 16 sub-shapes.
  • The s3 index which includes characters sorted by their final shape element. Were in the S1 index, shapes are sorted by their initial stroke, with the s3 index, shapes are grouped by their final stroke. The s3 index also includes 12 Shapes, with a varying number of sub-shapes.

Note that the S1, C1S and S3 indexes are all focused on Simplified Chinese characters. You can access all three of these indexes at the top of this page.

For indexes for Traditional Chinese characters and to pages that include Traditional Chinese characters and their simplified counterparts, check out the Menu at the bottom of this page.